College Beauty Blog

About Me

I come from the average family. I have always been in love with makeup because it helps me to express how I am feeling on that particular day. My mother and sister sell Avon, and so I have always had the opportunity to get any makeup that I would like. 
Since I started college, I realized that makeup is not cheap and there are many different types of products, not just the Avon which is still wonderful. I think that college students and others that have a lower budget should still be able to own the same name brand products and look and feel just as beautiful as those people who can spend unlimited amounts of money just on makeup. 

I am a freshman in college majoring in American Sign Language Interpreting and minoring in pre-law as well as theater. I strive to become a legal interpreter. The college I am going to is a private college and this leaves me with very little money to spend on luxury items, such as makeup and clothing.