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Plan Ahead
When I first started college I only had the minimum credit hours, because that is what my advisor told me I should do. If I would have known I would have taken a few more classes. When I went got to college I only knew what Major I wanted and a Minor that I was debating on. Now I am Majoring in the same thing and double minoring in two different areas of study. If I had planned my college classes out better before I went to my advising/class selection session than I would have taken a few more classes so that all of my general core classes were out of the way and I would not have to worry about those anymore and could just jump completely into my major and minors. But, since I did not do that I will have to take the maximum credit hours every semester in order to fulfill all three areas that I want. 
Another recommendation that I have for you is to look ahead on the website that the teachers post your upcoming assignments. It will save you a lot of headache if when you finally have a free night you just sit down and do upcoming homework so that you can go have fun on more nights instead of freaking out last minute that you have a paper due in a few hours! I know it is easier said than done, but sometimes you just have to push yourself. 

If you can do this at the beginning of a semester than when you start to fall short and get behind you will remember how nice it was to not worry about assignments and will get back into the routine of doing lots of work at a time to get it out of the way. 
“You are paying for it, so do it.”

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